Creative Giant is an awesome partner. They bring a great balance of creativity and fresh ideas while still maintaining the integrity of the brand. Not only do they provide great work, they are extremely easy to work with and execute very quickly. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable and creative agency (but selfishly I¹d like to keep them a secret so I can use them all the time! Ha!).
— Jill Folk, Design Manager, Mattel

I’ve had the pleasure of working with both Mike Thomas and Chris Dickey for 20 years, and I can honestly say, they are life savers. As Creative Giant, they produce creative materials of the highest quality, putting a great deal of thought into their designs. They really care about the product’s intended audience and place quality and timely delivery at the top of the creative pyramid. In my former capacity at Disney, I worked with them to produce both the official PHINEAS & FERB magazine (which was embraced enthusiastically by the show runners), as well as MARVEL SUPER HEROES and SPIDER-MAN magazines. They have a thorough understanding of what it means to create a global product. Best of all, they are creative problem solvers. Whenever we ran into a brick wall, Creative Giant found a way to go over it, around it, under it, or dissolve it with acid. I’d work with them again in less than a heartbeat.
— Steve Behling

King Features is the home of classic comic strip properties and icons of the animation world. And working with these properties requires not only a talented hand and a  creative eye, but an in-depth knowledge of the comic world. That knowledge is exactly what separates Creative Giant from all other studios in our industry.

Whether working on style guides for icons such as Betty Boop and Popeye, or classic comic characters like the Phantom and Flash Gordon, Creative Giant dives in deep to the history of each property. Coming from the comic world themselves, the founders of Creative Giant, Mike Thomas and Chris Dickey, are already stockpiled high with more knowledge and history of the comic industry than anyone from Gotham, Krypton or Mongo. And that knowledge is what drives their creative approach to every project. They pride themselves on knowing their client AND their client’s property.

Creative Giant handles each design task and style guide project with a unique blend of cool, comic sophistication and vibrant, commercial graphics. Unlike most graphic studios who assemble style guides with a formulatic approach, Creative Giant handles each project with a fresh look tailored to the unique personality of every property they handle. They understand how to work with different design elements, how to compose images that will jump off the page, how a subtle change in color palette can change the entire mood of a piece, and they understand how to make your project stand out in a sea of licensed characters and properties all looking to be noticed.

Creative Giant’s work is not limited to the comic world, or even the licensing world alone. Quite simply, they can handle it all.

So whether they’re designing or creating style guides for comic properties, upscale properties or Hollywood blockbusters, Creative Giant will deliver your project that will guarantee you a 5 star review.
— Frank Caruso, Vice President, Creative, King Features

STORMBREAKER is the biggest independently funded ($42 million) film made outside the Studio system this year, and probably the most ambitious in terms of its producer-led merchandising and licensing campaign that has led to over 100 derivative products on shelves internationally. A very important part of this process was creation and servicing of a password protected online Style Guide so we could mandate that every brand licensee, publisher, distributor and promotional partner would use the self-same ‘cool’ graphics, fonts and images. Creative Giant implemented the whole thing for us, soup to nuts. Their bid was a fraction of some of their competitors and they did us proud.

Creative Giant was absolutely invaluable to WordWorld during an extremely critical time in the company’s young life. They assisted us by serving as our entire creative services department as we signed new licensees and prepared for an exclusive Target Stores product launch. When they joined us we had no style guide to supply our licensing partners and no system to respond to the needs of these new manufacturing partners. In fact, we had just begun to internally analyze how best to translate our brand into useable assets for product, packaging and collateral.  

Creative Giant was there to help us distill everything we had, access what was needed, and then actually took on the role of an internal department that worked hand in hand with our licensing and retail partners to get the licensing program up and running. They essentially built our creative services system. They are real professionals with vast experience in the discipline, they are delightful to work with, they have incredible integrity and energy, a great understanding of a wide array of trade and consumer markets, and the taste’s of those audiences to whom they are targeting. I hope to have the chance to work with them again!
— Maggie Trujillo, Senior Vice President, Consumer Products, Word World, LLC

Mike and Chris at Creative Giant have worked both directly with me and with several of my clients on an assortment of diverse properties. From Sin City to Josie and the Pussycats, Hebrew Hammer to Stormbreaker, they come at each project with a unique interpretation and are always quick and affordable.
— Ross Misher, President, Brand Central